It’s not magic, even if it sounds like it sometimes. Believe it or not, singing is an innate biological function. It’s part of being human – if you can hear, and if you can speak, then you can sing. Barring injury or a physiological barrier unique to you, singing is your birthright. I’d love to help you learn what you can do.

A Unique Approach to Singing

Here’s a little context about my practice: I approach voice training kind of like a personal trainer, and less like a music teacher – my primary concern is core physical and mental training so that you can sing with endurance, accuracy, ease, and most of all, pleasure.

You will sing specific and targeted vocalize to exercise particular skills, rather than repertoire initially, and together we get you using all the power and uniqueness of your innate, natural voice.

From there, we build your repertoire across genres, and get you singing with verve, ease, and passion!

I coach via Skype, Zoom, and Discord.

Above all, I want you to feel like singing has never been easier.

Can’t wait to hear your beautiful voice.

About Red

Red Janes is an award-winning composer, singer, creative producer, and vocal coach. She coaches singers from the strong belief in the goodness of our bodies, the value of our unique voices, and in choosing our own creative path. She believes we should sound like ourselves, and that the expectations of others are best left with them.

Red lives, works, and learns on the stolen and unceded traditional homelands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations, who have been the guardians of this land since time immemorial.